Life Coaching

Song and Story Life Coaching

Private Sessions (60 minutes) – $100 USD

Group Program coming soon!

This unique offering uses singing as a tool to help clients grow as human beings. Renee combines her training and experience as a singer, vocal instructor and life coach to help clients find healing, empowerment, courage, confidence, inspiration, and joy.

Please note that this is not therapy or counseling. This is a coaching service aimed at helping clients set and achieve goals, tackle mental and emotional blocks, and address limiting beliefs. We will use singing as a tool to facilitate self-discovery and growth, but clients are not required to have any prior singing experience and will not be required to perform for others…unless that’s one of their goals!

What would you give to be able to sing the song in your heart, and to sing it like nobody’s watching?

What would it be worth to you to be able to show up to your own life as your full, authentic self?

If this sounds like music to your ears, maybe it’s time for you to take a chance on yourself. Start writing your own life’s song today. Contact Renee to sign up for private coaching today.

The story behind the program:

“I didn’t just find my voice for singing. I found my voice for life.”

These words came from an adult student of mine after taking voice lessons for a few months. She wanted to explore a creative outlet that she had long wanted to pursue but always felt was out of her reach. As an adult, she finally found the courage to explore her love for singing and invest in her own voice. And what she discovered was that singing lessons were teaching her much more than singing skills. They were teaching her life skills.

She was learning to become more confident, self-assured, and comfortable in her own skin. She was learning to speak up for herself, to be more courageous, to show up more authentically in her relationships with other people. She was learning to be more adventurous, to enjoy the learning process, and to step outside her comfort zone.

After almost 20 years of teaching singing lessons, I discovered that many adult students were coming to me for the same reasons. They didn’t just want to become better singers. They wanted to grow in confidence, in courage, and in joy. And they were coming to me because I have the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that helps bring out this kind of growth in my students.

“I swear you’re not just my vocal coach. You’re my life coach.”

After hearing this comment from multiple adult students over the years, I realized that this was the fuel for my passion as a vocal instructor.

I love to help students become better singers because when a student discovers her voice in music, she also discovers her voice in life.

I signed up for life coach training and started offering private life coaching sessions. I also started implementing coaching principles in my singing lessons. It wasn’t long until I found the inspiration to combine my training and experiences as a singer, vocal instructor and life coach to come up with a totally unique service that uses singing as a tool for self-exploration, development and growth.

Now accepting new clients! Contact Renee to learn more.