Voice Lessons


30 minutes – $40 USD

45 minutes – $60 USD

60 minutes – $60 USD

Fun, effective, and customized for your unique voice.

No two voices are exactly alike. Because of this, every lesson is designed to assess your voice and then use tools that target your unique vocal issues and strengths.

Do you find that you have to yell or push to hit those high notes? Your lesson will be designed to show you how to blend your high voice and your low voice so you can sing into your higher range with more ease and less strain.

Do you have a huge break in the middle of your voice? You can learn how to bridge that gap between your low and high voice, so you can sing throughout your range with a voice that feels and sounds more connected, more in control.

Do you feel like your voice is too weak or breathy? Your lesson will give you tools to sing with more clarity, fullness and presence. Not only will your voice sound stronger, you’ll also be able to sing with greater ease, comfort and versatility.

Lessons are available through Skype! Renee teaches many of her students through video chat. Don’t let location get in the way of the vocal training you deserve. Ask Renee about online lessons!