• Vocal technique meets artistry.

    Vocal technique meets artistry.

    Do you feel like your artistry is a bit limited by your voice? The right kind of singing lessons can help you replace those bad habits with good habits, so that your voice becomes more efficient, more controlled, and more capable of expressing the style and emotion that you want.
  • Lessons that are custom fit for your voice.

    Lessons that are custom fit for your voice.

    No two voices are alike. Why should your voice lessons be cookie cutter? Train with Renee to get the vocal training that addresses your unique voice.
  • A teacher who never stops learning.

    A teacher who never stops learning.

    Renee's philosophy is simple: if the teacher keeps learning, the students learn that much more. Train with a vocal instructor who is just as passionate about learning as she is about teaching.

Singing lessons in Puyallup, WA

Renee Maranan is a premier vocal instructor in Puyallup, WA. Offering private voice lessons for students from all over Washington state at the Puyallup studio.

All genres welcome

Whether you sing pop, country, R&B or classical, your voice will benefit from some solid fundamentals training. You will learn how to use your voice in the healthiest, most efficient way possible, to avoid injury and prolong vocal health while increasing range and control.

Lessons available online

Voice lessons are also available online through Skype. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a computer microphone, speakers/headphones and a webcam (optional). Don’t let distance get in the way of your best vocal training.